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We love Adobe Sign 📱💻❤️!!!

How long do you wait for a document to return once you’ve sent it to a client or customer for signature? Hours? Days? Maybe even weeks? It can be a massive disruption to your business when clients become difficult to reach, slow to act, or make a mistake when signing documents.

Electronic signatures mitigate these issues, speed up processes, reduce manual work, and strengthen security in your business. Having a business in the modern world is no longer about simply “going paperless” but creating a truly integrated, seamless workflow with a tech stack that automates tedious, drawn out processes like sending documents for signature.

E-signatures can be used on sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, agreements giving you the ability to complete contracts, approvals, and other agreements in minutes rather than days.

Benefits of implementing e-signing in your business include:

Increase Scalability

While your business is growing you need to have the time to dedicate to new clients. Instead of wasting time printing, mailing, signing, and filing documents, with e-signatures your processes for sending, signing, and receiving documents can be centralised, giving you more time to spend on more important tasks.

Every week brings new projects, emails, documents, and task lists. How much of that is completely different from the work you've done before? Don't reinvent the wheel every time you start something new, instead use templates from day one for all forms and documents to build an easily repeatable workflow.

With Adobe Sign you can create a library template with documents pre-populated with the important details that can be sent out with the click of a button. Automatically create separate versions from existing templates as starting point for new work and just add, remove, or change any info for that unique document, and you'll have new work completed in a fraction of the time.

Keep Better Track of Important Documents

Sending out and waiting on the return of a physical copy of a document can lead to unwanted stress, particularly when those documents do not show up when expected, or worse, get lost in the paperwork shuffle. Adobe Sign takes care of chasing up those late documents with its auto-remind feature that sends regular email reminders (daily or weekly for example) eliminating the need for you to follow up. A completion deadline can be included if the document requires a deadline for signature which expires the transaction after the defined number of days.

With Adobe sign you can manage and track documents that have been sent for signature, see find out who has viewed the document, who has signed and if any recipients still to sign,

be alerted when they sign and receive the signed copy instantly.

Provide a Better Client Experience

With Adobe Sign, you can customise the signing process, incorporating your logos, colours, fonts, and branding into the digital documents you send for signatures, with customised reminders so your clients or customers know who they’re working with and how easy it is to do business with you.

You can also attach multiple documents, which are delivered as one contiguous document, which makes the process of signing seamless for the recipient.

You can send documents to multiple recipients, set up a signing order for recipients, set different levels such as approver and you can also get an Adobe signature in person in real time using the Adobe Sign app.

Stay Compliant and Protected

Adobe Sign keeps you compliant, no matter your industry or where you are located. With a standards-based approach, you can choose from hundreds of trusted certificate authorities, so you can comply with the laws and regulations that of your country or industry. Australian law recognises that a transaction can be executed through electronic communications

Security features include being able to password protect the opening and viewing signed PDF files, the ability to insert a second-factor authentication into the process, establishing a higher confidence level that your recipients are properly certified, and that you have obtained a legal signature.

Give Your Documents a Complete Lifecycle

Adobe Sign works seamlessly with Adobe Acrobat DC and integrates with the Microsoft apps your teams rely on such as Microsoft 365 Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics and Teams. Easily send and sign documents directly in Dropbox, Box and it also offers integrations with Salesforce, ServiceNow and Workday. Would you like to know more about Adobe Sign?

At HelloLedger, we use Adobe Sign to make the tax process for you quick, secure and painless, as well as saving paper and time. As an accountant we are able to utilise the Adobe Sign integration with Xero, a leader in online accounting for small business.

Never again will you need to search for a pen, paper or printer to view, sign and return your tax documents. This allows us to prepare, review and lodge returns from anywhere, any time and you can view sign and return documents on any device all you need it internet access. E-signatures through Adobe Sign are fully compliant with Australian Tax Office requirements.

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