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Stripe + Xero 📱💻❤️!!!

Healthy cash flow is the lifeline of any business, and by using a payment service for your online invoices in Xero, your accounts receivables process will become more efficient and you are more likely to get paid faster.

Stripe accepts payments by debit card, credit card and Apple Pay so your customer doesn't need a Stripe account. Payments can be made from anywhere in the world and be received in the currency of your bank account.

Payments and fees are automatically matched to the correct invoices and accounts so the transaction is reconciled. You can also set recurring payments for repeat customers with auto pay in Xero.

Once your Stripe account is integrated with Xero, you can accept payments immediately. There is a mandatory 7-10 day period to receive your first payment from Stripe (due to financial regulations), however after that the normal payout times in Australia is 2 business days (except businesses in higher-risk industries).

Stripe offers fraud protection tools powered by advanced machine learning algorithms to help detect and prevent fraud. It is secure for your customers and for you, as customer’s information is tokenised so you never need to see or store sensitive information

Would you like to know more about Stripe?

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