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No one wants to pay more tax than they need to!!

For some of you, 2022 has brought a busier year with COVID-19 and you may have been very profitable as a result.

To ensure you don’t pay excessive tax on these profits, that's where tax planning comes in: to ensure appropriate tax saving strategies are put in place before 30 June.

Once your March quarter figures are up to date, with forecasting of your income and expenses up until June, HelloLedger can provide tax forecasting and tax reduction advice taking into account your upcoming goals.

The outcome of your tax plan will provide you with key information for your business including:

  • An estimate of the amount of income tax payable for the current financial year.

  • An estimate of the amounts and timing of tax instalments so you can plan accordingly.

  • Strategies to implement to minimise tax payable while growing your overall net wealth.

  • Upcoming business goals and profitability to track your success.

  • Discuss and review your superannuation, and its role in your tax strategy.

  • An annual check that your business and investment structures suit your plans.

Get in touch with us at HelloLedger today if your accountant booked hasn't contacted you about tax planning!!

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