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February 2024: Navigating The Key Business Dates

Welcome to February 2024🌟

February is not just about deadlines; it's a month full of opportunities and considerations for your business. HelloLedger is here to ensure you're not just meeting deadlines but also leveraging this month's unique potential!

Key Dates for February 2024:

  1.  1st February - Fuel Tax Credit Changes: Review the new rates announced by the ATO for claiming a credit on eligible fuel use in your business. Update and adjust your customer fuel charge rates in line with the new changes announced by the ATO. The new rates will be claimed on your next BAS.

  2. 7th February - January Monthly Payroll Tax: For businesses registered for Payroll Tax, make sure to submit your January wage information and pay the payroll tax calculated by this date.  

  3. 21st February - January Monthly BAS/IAS: Your Business Activity Statement (BAS) or Instalment Activity Statement (IAS) for January is due today, for those lodging on a monthly basis. Use this as a prompt to check in on your business's financial health.

  4.  28th February - December Quarter BAS: Your Business Activity Statement (BAS) for the December Quarter is due today, for those lodging on a quarterly basis. Ensure accuracy of your bookkeeping and completeness of your record keeping to pay the correct GST and PAYG Withholding Taxes for this BAS.


February Tips from HelloLedger:


• 🌦️ Seasonal Changes: With the Australian summer in full swing, consider how the weather might impact your operations or customer behaviour. This could be an opportunity to offer seasonal promotions or adjust your services/products.


• 💡 ❤️ Marketing Strategies: Valentine's Day is around the corner. Capitalise on this with targeted promotions or special offers that align with your business.


• 🌱 Planning Ahead: Start preparing for the end of the financial year. This is the time to review your annual goals and adjust your strategies for the remaining months.


• 📚 Educational Workshops: Consider hosting or attending workshops that can enhance your team’s skills, especially in financial management and marketing.


• 🔄 Tech Integration: Evaluate your current technology and consider adopting new tools or software that can streamline operations, especially in accounting and customer relationship management.

Let's make February a month of strategic growth and compliance! HelloLedger is here to help with all your accounting, tax, and bookkeeping needs. Here's to a successful and dynamic month ahead! 🚀💼📊


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