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Structure Review

Ensuring that your business structure aligns with your long-term goals and compliance requirements is crucial for sustained success.


HelloLedger’s business structure review services provide comprehensive assessments to help you understand the strengths and potential improvements in your current setup, ensuring it supports your business strategy, tax obligations, and growth prospects.

A business structure review involves evaluating your current business formation—whether it's a sole trader, partnership, company, or trust—to determine if it is the most efficient and effective for your needs.


This assessment considers factors such as tax efficiency, liability protection, administrative burden, and future scalability.

Let us help you navigate the complexities of business structuring with confidence and ensure your business structure is primed for efficiency, compliance, and growth.

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Key Aspects of Business Structure Review

To ensure that your business operates at its maximum potential, it is crucial to regularly assess these key aspects of your business structure for efficiency, compliance, and alignment with strategic goals. This involves:

Assessment of Current Structure

We analyse how your business is currently structured to identify any potential risks or inefficiencies that could be improved.

Tax Efficiency Evaluation

A major focus is ensuring that your structure optimises tax obligations, leveraging available tax concessions and minimising liabilities.

Legal and Compliance Check

Ensuring that your business structure complies with all relevant laws and regulations, including corporate governance, financial reporting, and stakeholder obligations.

Recommendations for Restructuring

If beneficial, we provide tailored recommendations on restructuring, which may involve shifting from one business form to another to better meet your strategic objectives.

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Why Review Your Business Structure?

Business needs evolve, and a structure that was once optimal can become less so over time. Reasons to review and possibly adjust your business structure include:

Growth and Expansion

As your business grows, a more complex structure might be needed to handle increased complexity in operations and management.

Tax Considerations

Changes in tax laws or the financial status of your business might make another structure more beneficial.

Risk Management

Adjusting the business structure can better protect personal assets or limit liability as the business scales.

Succession Planning

Ensuring the business structure supports a smooth transition if ownership or management is to change hands.

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Structure Review FAQs

  • What is a business structure review?

  • A business structure review assesses whether your current business setup — be it a sole proprietorship, partnership, company, or trust — is the most effective and efficient for meeting your business goals. It considers factors like tax implications, legal liability, administrative requirements, and future scalability.

  • How often should I review my business structure?

  • It is advisable to review your business structure every few years or when significant changes occur in your business, such as rapid growth, new product lines, changes in ownership, or shifts in the regulatory landscape.

  • What are the signs that I might need to change my business structure?

  • Signs that you might need to change your business structure include difficulties in raising capital, high tax burdens, increased risk exposure, and challenges in adding new partners or investors. Additionally, if your current structure is hindering your ability to expand or scale efficiently, it might be time to consider restructuring.

  • Why is it important to review my business structure?

  • Reviewing your business structure is important because it ensures that your company remains aligned with changing market conditions, legal requirements, and your evolving business objectives. It can lead to significant tax savings, enhanced asset protection, and improved operational efficiency.


  • Can restructuring my business save me money on taxes?

  • Yes, restructuring your business can potentially save you money on taxes. By aligning your structure with the most tax-efficient practices, you can leverage tax breaks, minimise liability, and optimise your overall tax obligations

  • What are the potential risks involved in changing my business structure?

  • Changing your business structure can involve several risks, such as disruptions in your operations, costs associated with restructuring, and potential tax implications such as capital gains tax. Proper planning and consultation with experts like HelloLedger can help mitigate these risks.

  • How does HelloLedger assist in the business structure review process?

  • HelloLedger provides expert analysis of your current business structure, evaluates its effectiveness, and suggests optimal configurations. We consider all legal, financial, and operational aspects, helping you make informed decisions that align with your strategic business goals.

  • What legal considerations should I be aware of when changing my business structure?

  • When changing your business structure, it's crucial to consider legal implications such as the transfer of assets, continuity of existing contracts, and potential liabilities. Additionally, you must ensure compliance with all registration and reporting requirements under the new structure. Consulting with legal professionals during this process can help avoid legal pitfalls and ensure a smooth transition.

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